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Paper / Meta design as a strategic tool for collaborative urban planning

De paper Urban Agriculture Quick Scan Map. Meta design as a strategic tool for collaborative urban planning werd gepubliceerd tijdens het symposium Finding Spaces. Als onderdeel van de hoofdlijn “Governance” focust de paper op meta design als gereedschap voor participative stedenbouw met als voorbeeld een interactive kaart voor stadslandbouw-projecten.

Lees hier het abstract (in het Engels):

The paper discusses the opportunities for service design as a strategic tool in urban agriculture (UA) processes. Based on a research project on vacant property and urban agriculture in The Hague, a concept for meta design, a digital tool, has been developed. This tool is a contribution to the collaborative urban planning processes taking place in Dutch cities. Also, it takes into account the problem of large amounts of vacant property in The Netherlands. With an inclusive strategy, it reveals new opportunities for a participative urban planning process for resilient, healthy and green cities of tomorrow. This digital tool is a project in development, using the city as a living lab. The purpose of the research is to reveal the possibilities of vacant property and empty lots as space for UA. More specifically, this research aims to find answers to the question “What kind of UA is the most beneficial to run in a specific vacant spot?“. Desktop research (data mining, literature, references) as well as field work (interviews, expert meetings) were used to gather information. By working with both qualitative and quantitative research methods, a more complete picture of the process was generated. Visualisations and mappings of the results are used to provide spatial insight. The results of the research consist of spatial and socio-economic mappings and charts. This information is combined into a design concept for collaborative urban planning. The design is a proposal for a governance tool in UA processes.

Keywords: participative planning, urban agriculture, urban retrofit, meta design, stakeholders, governance

Lees hier de volledige paper (in het Engels):


Vind hier meer informatie over het symposium Finding Spaces:
The 6th Annual Conference of the Special Working Group on Sustainable Food Planning of the Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP), Leeuwarden, 5-7 November 2014.


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